Wednesday, December 16, 2009

been gone for a minute..

i know i've been go for a month.. i've been slumped with school work. but i promise you i will will be back wit hot photo, hot music and amazing the mean time, check out this video of Joe Jonas doing 'Single Ladies' i may be late on this one but i found it extremely funny:

Monday, November 16, 2009

my new love:: NYLON Magazine

in September, i ordered some bathing suit pieces from Delia's for my trip to Miami and when i finished my order, they asked me if i want a free subscription to NYLON magazine. I've always saw the magazine in stands and saw how cool the covers were. then 3 weeks later, 2 magazines arrived, the September 2009 issue with Anna Paquin and the October 2009 issue with Meagan Fox. once i flipped through the pages, i was in love!! every page fashion galore!! it was like heaven for me. as soon as the year is out I'm subscribing!! i haven't been this excited about a magazine in a long time!! Check out their site (click the picture below)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

NEW music: "Don't Act Like"

Check out new music from Def Jam Recording artist Unique. Its called "Don't Act Like"

Check him out on:

Friday, November 6, 2009

It almost here!!!

Jungle Gym Magazine is almost here!

In July of this year, i featured Whats Next?:Jungle Gym Magazine, a new online magazine about art music fashion and much more and i know you guess have been wondering, well when does it come out. I'm happy to let you know, the wait is almost over.

Your boys came together in conjunction wit Hennessy Black to promote their 1st event at the Black Ink Gallery to feature artwork by artist Anthony Horton.

Keep watch for these dudes!! 2010 has so much in store, more events, more music and the official launch of the site.

keep it locked to the blog, ill definitely keep you guys updated. until then check out some highlights from the event:

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Poetry Corner: Behind

Behind closed doors,
my ego shrinks.
Behind these eyes,
i see what you are afraid to think.
Behind this face,
there just flesh and bones.
and Behind these words,
there's a deeper tone.

Behind my back,
you lie and cheat.
Behind the fact,
you did that to me.
Behind this mirror,
you can see my feelings.
Behind true beauty,
is what I'm really dealing.

Behind my soul,
there's a bigger me.
Behind my mind,
thoughts trigger me.
Behind my voice,
i cry inside,
and its behind my thoughts
where i come alive.

-joya tenniel

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

one of the hottest cypher televised

Hip Hop,
In birth form.
3 rappers,

video will return soon.

My boy cb is back...

After 7 whole months away from the public due to the incident he had with R&b singer Rihanna, Chris Brown has released his first single of his 3 album ,Graffiti, "I Can Transform Ya" feat Lil' Wayne and Swizz Beats! Graffiti is set to release December 2009. Here's the Video and i must say Chris hasn't lost a beat! and he is still hot!! love it :

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Throw Back Song of the Week...

Audio two:: Top billin'

Stella McCartney for Gap Kids

so today i was on the F train and this lady was flipping
through her Cookies magazine and i saw this ad:
she's the bomb, she's finally branching off to children clothing and its fabulous. i love the band/military jackets for kids. the line will launch November 2nd at selected gap stores. if i had kids they will be spoiled.
kudos to Stella
there would never come a day
that you will ever hear me say
that i want or need to be without you
i wanna give my all
so baby just hold me
simply control me
cause your arms,
they keep away the lonely
when i look into your eyes
then i realize
all i need is you in my life
all i need is you in my life
cause i never felt this way about loving
never felt so good
never felt this way about loving
and it feels so good...
-Alicia Keys

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ok lil mama...

So we all know the stunt lil mama pulled at the 2009 MTV VMA's if not , here's a recap:
while Jay-Z and alicia keys performed (for the first time) their song Empire State of Mind off his new Blue Print3 album, she decided that she wants to walk on stage at the end of their performance to "represent where she's from" because she was really "feeling" the song....

no lil mama, that was soooo the wrong thing to do, im sorry. kanye wasnt feeling what Taylor Swift was saying. He went up on stage,spoke his mind and was it right..NO!!! so what made you think that it was ok for you to come on stage?

well good 'ole wifey beyonce was trying to save the day again but failed. heres the video of her trying to stop lil mama from going on stage ..btw she trying to take beyonce with her...Not a good look

Monday, October 5, 2009

Calling all Polo heads...

i have a lot of friends who are in to polo and i thought i'll share this with you guys. if you don't know this already, you can "make your own" Rugby items: shirts ,cardi's, polo's and even varsity jackets!! Just click on the picture below and it takes you directly to the site..have fun and if you custom make an item i want to see it, so post it in my comments!!!

Link on picture not working? click here:

Mac fun but im a PC

Me I'm from the apple...
which means im the MAC... She's a PC...
She lives in my lap...

-Jay Z

@candeeee and @missxhoney (via ***my favorite twins

Throw Back Song of the Week...

Poetry Corner:

How could i be
so seen
but un-seen
by society
i am a figment
of my own imagination
thought of as Gods best creation
to man
to death
love to hate
to late
i'm there i see
what i should be
what you see is what i could be
but theres only 1
-J tenniel